Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The city of Rushford now has requests for volunteer assistance through Sept. 9. In total, 1,340 volunteers are needed in the city of Rushford. United Way expects additional requests from other locations. The need for volunteers will increase over the coming days as communities are prepared to receive and make best use of them.

Volunteers must register with United Way of Olmsted County. Volunteers should not go to Rushford without registering with United Way of Olmsted County. For the city of Rushford volunteer projects, the minimum age for volunteers is 16 with parental permission and adult supervision.

Persons calling United Way of Olmsted County (507-287-2000) can expect to be registered at time of the call or receive a return call to complete their registration. Check for updates on volunteer requests and registration process at

United Way of Olmsted County is also coordinating the volunteer needs for the American Red Cross. If people are interested in volunteering for the American Red Cross, SE MN Chapter, call the United Way of Olmsted County office at 507-287-2000.

To volunteer in Winona County
Call Winona County volunteer coordination at 507-457-8882.

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