Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cans Film Festival - Wehrenberg Theatres Galaxy 14 Cine ramps up to fill local food shelf

On Saturday, Dec. 1st, Wehrenberg Theaters’ Rochester Galaxy 14 Cine will hold the company’s Cans Film Festival. Although the Galaxy 14 Cine is new to Rochester this fall, the tradition of collecting food for Salvation Army food pantries across the nation is an annual event.
Here’s how it works: bring 5 cans to any the theatre, and see a movie starting before 5 p.m. for FREE! Bring an additional 10 cans (15 total), and receive an additional pass to come back another day! Local volunteers will be collecting the food at the door and the Channel One Food Bank will transport the cans to the Rochester Salvation Army food shelf. Wehrenberg Theatres will also give out a personal movie pass - good for a whole year of movies - to the person donating the most cans throughout the circuit!

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