Thursday, November 1, 2007

Health Care Summit - Employee Benefit Trends: Reconnecting Employer & Employee

Our annual Health Care Summit is right around the corner (next Thursday), but there is still plenty of time to register. The Summit's focus is employee benefit trends in the workplace. Here is some additional information on the session:

Chamber surveys indicate employers and employees are paying close attention to benefits offered at the workplace. With workforce shortages looming in the future, having a competitive benefits package will be critical for employee retention. MetLife has researched the issue and formulated a benefit trends seminar.

Susan Galya, MetLife’s Senior Marketing Consultant in employer-sponsored benefits, will lead the discussion. Galya has 12 years of consumer and international marketing experience.

Everyone involved in business can benefit from this session. Register today for this informative and interactive seminar, which is sure to improve your knowledge of benefit programs offered across the nation. Cost for the Summit is $25 for Members and $35 for Non-Members. A buffet lunch is included.

Thursday, Nov. 8, 2007; 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Radisson Plaza Hotel; 150 S. Broadway

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erik.samdahl said...

Employees should definitely take a look at benefits thoroughly before signing on to a job. It's easy to get caught up in salary and miss a big hole in the benefits.