Thursday, September 4, 2008

RCVB accepting nominations for the "More Than You Know Awards"

Continuing to highlight the many reasons to cheer about Rochester, the Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau recently announced that it will again host the "More Than You Know Awards" competition, with awards in 12 categories to be announced September 30.

The RCVB is giving residents more time to think about their nominations. The ballot is now posted at for anyone to nominate friends, neighbors, co-workers and family, as well as their favorite businesses, organizations and activities through September 19. Residents may also send an email to with their nominations in the following categories:

Known for Families:
What’s your favorite family-friendly spot?

Known for Free:
What’s not only great, but free too?

Known Trendsetter:
What place or person sets trends and builds business?

Known Character:
Who/what has a personality all its/their own?

Known Romantic:
What person or place is known for creating sparks?

Known at Night:
What in Rochester gets better by moonlight?

Known for Talent:
What person or institution is truly talented?

Known for Relaxation:
What’s the best way to relax after a stressful week?

Known Annually:
What’s great that comes around only once a year?

Known for Networking:
Where do you go to meet or be introduced to people?

Known Leader:
What/who is a catalyst, putting Rochester on the map?

“Little Known” Video Category:
What’s great that few people know about?

Winners will be judged by a panel of local “experts” and city officials, and will receive their awards at a luncheon ceremony Tuesday, Sept. 30 at the Kahler Grand Hotel.

The “More Than You Know” Awards, part of the RCVB’s Rah Rah Rochester campaign, highlight the many different “greats” of Rochester, from its friendly residents and growing businesses to its beautiful views and trendsetting entertainment.

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