Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Support Global Entrepreneurship Week

A worldwide celebration of entrepreneurs will take place Nov. 17-23, 2008 during the first ever Global Entrepreneurship Week. This international initiative is the brainchild of The Kauffman Foundation, and it will join business owners, entrepreneurs, organizations, associations, academic institutions, corporations and governments in more than 75 countries in hosting activities to support, mentor, celebrate and assist entrepreneurs all over the world.

Corporate sponsors include IBM Corporation, NYSE Euronext, and Ernst & Young, all of which are looking forward to inspiring and unleashing new ideas.

This is a "virtual" celebration, so there is no conference location. Spread the word, get involved and help us make this a truly GLOBAL initiative.

Ideas on how YOU can get involved:
· Teach an entrepreneur class for a day at a local school or college
· Mentor another entrepreneur for a day
· Sponsor or host an entrepreneurial "idea" or "think tank"
· Bring entrepreneurs together via social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or Second Life
· For more information go to: http://www.unleashingideas.org

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