Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Post-Bulletin editorial: Offer us an alternative budget plan to compare

As seen recently in the Post-Bulletin, below is an editorial letter by John Wade, president of the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce, and David C. Olson, president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce:

Offer us an alternative budget plan to compare
Legislative leaders are taking their show on the road to solicit comments on Gov. Tim Pawlenty's recommendations to resolve the state budget crisis. Where is their plan?

It's pure political gamesmanship to judge the governor's recommendations without exploring what other options are available. If legislative leadership truly wants a conversation on the budget, then citizens should have the opportunity to weigh in on the merits and/or lack of merits of all the plans on the table. As of today, there unfortunately is only one.

We encourage citizens to attend the meeting 6 p.m. Thursday at Rochester Community and Technical College, Heinz Center Commons Area, 1926 Collegeview Road S.E., in Rochester and ask: Where is your plan so we can compare? And if the plan is not ready yet, when will you return to our community to present your recommendations?

John Wade
President, Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce

David C. Olson
President, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

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