Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Diversity In Business Update & Bilingual Services Survey

Diversity in Business Update
In 2008, the Chamber established Diversity In Business (DIB), an initiative focused on building a more inclusive and integrated business community. The DIB committee established a mission of increasing business ownership for women and minority entrepreneurs. This grassroots effort has been highly successful. The following are just a few of its accomplishments:
  • Brought leaders from various community sectors to the table to participate in monthly dialogue on how to advance DIB's mission
  • Held the first DIB conference, engaging more than 100 new and prospective entrepreneurs

  • Collaborated with local resources - SCORE, SBDC, RAEDI, etc., to create a local toolkit for new/prospective entrepreneurs.

Bilingual Services Survey & Next Steps
Heading into 2009, the DIB committee determined that its best impact is in targeted efforts with various community sectors. A primary effort will be with the Hispanic community and local Hispanic business owners.

One of the barriers noted that must be overcome is language. In order to better understand which of our current members provide bilingual services, we ask that you respond to the link below by Friday, March 27th.

Please be ready to share what bilingual services your organization provides and to what target populations. Click here to take the survey.

Next Steps
The DIB committee will hold focus groups with business owners and leaders in targeted sectors to better determine how to engage and support them best. The committee will look to share the resources collected from your feedback in our outreach efforts.

Thank you for your active involvement and investment in the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce! We look forward to your feedback.

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