Thursday, May 6, 2010

Slice of the Big Pie - by John Kilian, SE MN Program Manager, Procurement Technical Assistance Center

In 2009, government expenditures reached more than $520 billion, making the federal government market the largest market in the world. But entering this market can be intimidating to entrepreneurs. Questions arise in how to navigate paperwork and red tape. An entrepreneur might give up because of questions like “where would my products or services fit” or concerns that “it’s too much work” or thinking they will be turned down. There is a lot to learn in order to position your company to sell in the government marketplace.

Would you like to participate in that marketplace but don't know where to start? Then attend the Small Business Summit seminar introduction to the basics of selling to the government. You'll get basic information on the market, contracting methods with Agencies and Prime Contractors, buying channels, terminology, registrations and certifications involved and the starting points for positioning your company to sell into the government market.

By John D. Kilian, SE MN Program Manager, (PTAC) Procurement Technical Assistance Center.

Kilian has over 31 years of experience in government procurement and contracting management expertise. He will be speaking on this topic at the Small Business Summit.


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