Friday, September 3, 2010

Good News Keeps Coming for Rochester...

Over the past several months, Rochester has been nationally recognized in several capacities as one of the best cities in the country to learn, work and live. Although there is much work to be done to make Rochester a globally competitive community, we are off to a great start. The following is a snap shot of our community's recent national recognition:

A Best City for the Decade
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine recently named Rochester as #6 in it's "10 Best Cities for the Next Decade". Kiplinger's search focused on "prosperous, innovative" places that specialize in out-of-the-box thinking. To read the full article, click here. The rest of the top 10 included:1. Austin, Tex.; 2. Seattle, Wash.;3. Washington, D.C.; 4. Boulder, Colo.;5. Salt Lake City, Utah; 6. Rochester, Minn.; 7. Des Moines, Iowa; 8. Burlington, Vt.; 9. West Hartford, Conn.; 10. Topeka, Kan.

A Great City for Raising a Family
Rochester was also recently named by Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine as a "Great City for Raising a Family." Kiplinger's search for this list focused on job growth, healthy economies and a vibrant local culture, as well as quality of public schools, crime rate and park and recreation opportunities. Rochester earned high ratings in near every category, and was also noted for a "forward-facing economy anchored by the Mayo Clinic and IBM". Click here to read more.

Where the Jobs Will Be
In a recent study done by renowned sociologist and economic development guru Richard Florida in The Atlantic, Rochester was listed as No. 1 in his list of 20 metros with the fastest-growing jobs, with projected job growth of 12-plus percent. According to Florida, jobs are the second-biggest issue facing the United States - second only to the economy, according to a recent Gallup poll - and a pending referendum on the Obama administration in the upcoming mid-term elections. To learn more about the study and how Florida came to these projections, click here.

And Much More...
As noted in the Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau's 2010 Report to the Community, Rochester's positive media exposure on national "Best Lists" spans far beyond the aforementioned list. Additional recognition over the past 12 months include, but is not limited to:

"Top 10 Best Places to Grow Up"
U.S. News & World Report, 2009

"Best Small Places for Business and Careers", 2009

"#9 Best Cities for Job-Seeking Retirees"
U.S. News and World Report, 2009

"#34 Best Places for Business and Careers, 2010

"#12 Best Town in America for Hunters and Fisherman"
Outdoor Life Magazine, June/July 2010

"#9 Top Towns for Outdoorsman"
Outdoor Life Magazine, 2009

What's Next? Striving to Ensure Rochester is a Talent-Driven Community
Rochester humbly and persistently works back up into the national spotlight as a top place to learn, work and live. Why do thought leaders such as Kiplinger and Florida award our city such recognition? Three reasons: innovation, collaboration, and a talented workforce.

Rochester’s move from a good to great community in the eyes of leading researchers, economists and thought leaders is certainly reason for celebration. However, is Rochester a community that is “built to last?” Do we have the infrastructure, “sticky factor” and system to sustain such recognition?

To learn about how the Chamber and the Rochester community are addressing these issues, and ensuring Rochester is an inclusive, thriving community, click here.

Save the Date
Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010. The Rochester Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Workforce 2020 will be holding another convening session - Join the conversation, engage and ensure Rochester's continued success!

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