Monday, March 21, 2011

Attend America's Small Business Summit 2011 in D.C.

America’s Small Business Summit (May 23-25 in Washington, D.C.) brings together business owners and local and state chamber executives in Washington to rally for free enterprise, entrepreneurship and economic opportunity.

Over the course of three days, summit attendees will network, meet with their elected officials to advocate for pro-growth policies and hear from Washington insiders and business experts on policies that are impacting American businesses.

Contact Julie Fiesel at or 507-424-5665 if you are interested in learning more or attending with a group of Rochester Chamber members.
Here's what a few of last year's attendees had to say about the summit.

“The U.S. Chamber Small Business Summit should be given consideration to attend. I would highly encourage anyone who is thinking about attending to get more information and considering being a part of the Rochester contingency. I enjoyed networking with potential clients on a national scale as well as learning about issues that are affecting small businesses (like health care). The speakers were outstanding.”
- Alan DeKeyrel, CWS, Inc.

"Why should someone go? To hear first hand from key economists in the country and other senior level people about what is going on at the national level and how we can make changes on a local level. The sessions were energized with business leaders and owners all wanting to find out how we can grow jobs in America and turn our economy around. From the panelists to the speakers there are many messages to take back home and share with others on how we can all do more in our own business and communities. As a business owner, CEO, or senior manager, the opportunities to meet with various legislators and senators and to share “best practices” with other business owners is invaluable."
- Melissa Brinkman, Custom Alarm

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john said...

This summit is gonna be rock. Many small businesses across the counrty will be benefited through it.
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