Friday, August 10, 2007


Congratulations to Mike Nassif of "Entertainment to Go." Mike recently did his 1,000th wedding in St. Paul. Mike will be sending in some photos from the big event once he receives them. Here is what Mike had to say about the milestone:

"August 5th, 2007 is a significant milestone for "Entertainment To Go". In business since 1982 I personally have now done my 1000th Wedding and I am still going. I started with nothing more that a pair of turntables and some home speakers and a few albums and now my company now has 3 mobile entertainers and a full list of services and talents for any and all events you may need entertainment for. Weddings are what we are known for but it is not all we do. 1000 Weddings in 25 years in this business in the Rochester area!"

- Mike Nassif, "Entertainment to GO"

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