Tuesday, September 2, 2008

United Way 2008 Hurricane Recovery Fund

The United Way today announced the creation of the United Way 2008 Hurricane Recovery Fund to support long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts throughout the states that have been devastated by the intense 2008 hurricane season. Several Gulf Coast states have been severely impacted by Hurricane Gustav, with thousands of
people evacuated and untold destruction to homes and businesses. People throughout Florida and other Southeast states are now bracing for Hurricane Hanna, with other major storms immediately following.

With your help, United Way will continue the enduring work to put lives and communities back together. What took the hurricane just a few moments to destroy will take years to rebuild. Gifts to the United Way 2008 Hurricane Recovery Fund will support services that help to bring a community back better than before (e.g. housing, mental health, quality child care, job training).

Click here to donate to the 2008 Hurricane Recovery Fund.

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