Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brother Music, Sister Rhythm performing Saturday night

"Brother Music, Sister Rhythm", is a duet featuring Al Brentner, playing old style guitar, and Anne Koschmeder whacking out the rhythm on a home made kick drum and various other instruments. The band plays and sings, what they call organic, uncluttered, country, western, folk, rock n roll tunes you just don't hear much anymore.

"Brother Music, Sister Rhythm" is performing this Saturday night, Oct. 4, from 8 - 10 p.m. at the Oak Center General Store which is north on HWY 63, 25 miles from Rochester.

The band would love to see fellow Chamber members present, supporting live music, and is offering Chamber members who come to the performance a 20 percent discount if they are hired as the musicians for future events.The Chamber Member would simply identify themselves to the band at the concert on Saturday night..

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