Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chamber sends letter to MN Congressional Delegation urging prompt action by Congress on a financial rescue package

The Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce sent out letters to the Minnesota Congressional Delegation today regarding the need to stabilize financial markets, urging prompt action by Congress on a financial rescue package.

To read the letter, please click on the image to the left or read the copy-pasted version below.

To: Members of the Minnesota Congressional Delegation

Subject: Need to Stabilize Financial Markets

On behalf of the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce and our 1,200-plus members, I urge you to work with the administration to reach and pass quickly a bipartisan plan to stabilize our financial markets.

Swift action is critical. Minnesota businesses are ever more concerned about the uncertainty in the economy. Minnesota's tax receipts and ability to fund education and public safety are at risk over the constricting credit markets and the lack of confidence in the stock markets.

The Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce is the largest broad-based business advocate to government in southern Minnesota. Our members represent more than 95 percent of the private sector jobs in Olmsted County alone and include firms of all sizes and companies from every industry within the region.

The financial well-being of all our members and all Minnesotans hinges on a resolution to the financial crisis. We urge you to act immediately.

Once the current crisis is settled, all interested parties can work together on a comprehensive, longer-term reform of the financial market structure and related regulations.


John Wade
Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce

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